10 Things About Rich A. A Rano

 1. Alhaji Auwalu Abdullahi Rano, popularly known as A.A Rano was born in Lausu town of Rano Local Government Area of ​​Kano State.

 2. A. A Rano started his oil business in 1994, and started building his first petrol station in Karfi on the Kano-Zaria road after leaving the tire business to get involved in the petroleum industry.

 3. A.A Rano is the Lord Alh.  Abdulkadir Musa of Rahmaniyya Oil Company.  He was hired by A.A. Rano and released on bail.  Rahmaniyya now has more than 5,000 employees, with a monthly salary of 56 million.

 4. A.A Rano owns about 200 homes (or more) in parts of the country.  It has a staff of over 5,000.  And it employs more workers in the same area as its oil refinery to reduce the number of homeless people.

 5. A.A Rano has a refinery called Depot in Ijegun area of ​​Lagos State.  This is a huge collection of about 60 million liters, which is then distributed to petrol stations and sold to other traders.

 6. A.A Rano is the founder of Darus Sunnah Islamic Center located in Unguwa Uku, Kano.  At the center, Islamic education is taught, and major conferences and programs related to Islam are presented such as the Q&A with Sheikh Ibrahim Daurawa, the wealthy Alh Sani Contractor and sponsors.

 7. A.A Rano is the president of the A.A Rano Foundation, a foundation that supports students with tuition fees, as well as paying patients for treatment or surgery costs.  The foundation has built countless Friday mosques

 8. During the month of Ramadan, it distributes food parcels to its families with the cost of groceries delivered to each household in Rano, Kibiya Bunkure and other towns including parts of the North.

 9.A.A Rano lowers the price of a liter of petrol at its petrol stations every Ramadan to make life easier for the people.

 10. A. Rano is the first billionaire to provide public schools and facilities.

 11. A.A Rano is the owner of Rano oil & Gas, Nicabon Petroleum, Dan Kano Oil & Chemicals, A.A Rano LPG, A.A Rano Transport, A.A Rano Farms, Ibal Petroleum and Centra Oil limited company.

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