We Are Denied Inheritance Because Our Mother Is Not Hausa / Fulani - ZAINAB BAYERO.

 We Are Denied Inheritance Because Our Mother Is Not Hausa / Fulani - Zainab Bayero. 

 Hajiya Hauwa Momoh, one of the wives of the late Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero, and her daughter, Zainab Ado Bayero after their father's eldest children had forgotten them.

Hajia Hauwa made the remarks in an interview with the Saturday Sun where she described her situation with her two children; Zainab and Ahmed Tijjani, who gave birth to Ado Bayero, joined.

 Hajia Hauwa, a daughter of former Otaru of Auchi in Edo State, said her husband and older children took good care of them before Sarki Ado's death in 2014. But since his death they have been evicted from their house in Kano, and now they have no place to live and nothing has been given to their houses.

 Zainab says the eldest son of the deceased has made many promises to them but has not fulfilled them. She said they were abused because their mother was not from the north. 

 Hajiya Hauwa said: “You know in Kano, if you are not from there, they do. When Bayero died, they promised to help us but every year I begged them. They used to tell us they would help but for six years now we have not. ” "Six years after his death, no one has been looking for us. My daughter wants us to talk but every time we talk, they will not answer." Baye Zainab Bayero: "Nasiru Ado Bayero, who is The Emir of Bichi and Aminu Ado Bayero who is the Emir of Kano have now made a promise after the death of our father but still. I don't know why they left us. ”Ce She said that since graduating from high school, she has failed to progress while her younger brother, Ahmed Tijjani, has yet to progress from 4th grade. She therefore calls on the federal government to help her and her younger sister return to school.

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