Sign And Learn Computer Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Dr Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami

I'm For Young People Who Want To Learn Computer


 There is a major program presented by the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Dr Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami.

 Today, Monday, God willing, the Minister of Communications and Economic Development, Sheikh Isa Ali Pantami, will launch a mobile and mobile software for Nigerians to gain access to various vocational training opportunities. modern, easily accessible, and designed to teach yourself through video and text, this system is very important for Nigerians.

 This system is easy to understand and easy to use, and you do not have to have data on your phone or computer to access the system, the system is divided into three parts:

 1. Digital Nigeria only.

 2. NITDA Academy.

 3. IBM Digital For Africa, each one is important and you will be given a certificate after completing the training. Here's how each system works and how the software can be used and its benefits to Nigerians.


 This system has many features with it, you will learn to know what a computer is and how to operate it and to know the software that the computer contains.

 And how do you manage them to make money?

 For example there is a system of learners who do not know computer as follows;


 1. How to operate a computer.

 2. How to get information online.

 3. How to provide and disseminate information online.

 4. How to protect yourself from online scammers.

 5. How to create something with a computer.

 6. How to control your software on a computer.

 7. How to trust Microsoft office software.

 Then there is the process of those who are just starting to learn computer skills, and their online experience is as follows:


 1. How to run a computer program

 2. How to format HTML and CSS

 3. How to become an independent software developer

 4.How to trust java script

 5.How to Create Software

 And for those who are well versed in computer and the internet as well as software and computer innovators, their systems are as follows:


 1. How to master Data science analytical

 2. How to trust HTMAL 5

 3. How to trust the node.Js

 4. How to learn Netwoking

 5. How to learn computer and mobile phone software

 6. How to learn to work with any type of computer and its software.

 7. How to market your computer online

 8. How to market your market online

 9. How to contact your buyers online

 10. How to contribute to online government.

 11. How to hire your staff online.

 12. how to apply for a job online.


 This provides for a three-pronged approach that will benefit the parties, as follows;

 1. MDAs training has several courses.

 2. Students Training has a number of courses related to students

 3. General training this applies to everyone


 The program, which is being developed by the American company to understand modern software in Africa, is as follows:

 1. How to learn to do software with intelligent artificia.

 2. How to learn software and data science.

 3. How to learn software and internet of things.

 4. How to learn software and machine learning.

 5. How to learn how to make software with blockchain.

 6. How to learn software by renting github.

 Its benefits to Nigerians.....

 1. Free computer education

 2. Get your job done easily

 3. Learn modern craftsmanship easily

 4. Get to know yahoo boys.

 5. Get rich quick and easy.

 6. Generate income for crocodiles.

 7. National economic development.

 8. Reduce acts of terrorism.

 And I want you to understand that every process has children below it, and then when you complete any process you will be given a certificate.

 To join the program click the following text:


 You go to the site and register, enter your information, and things will gradually be understood.

 Make sure you have a valid email and phone number.

 It should not be forgotten that this system requires a mobile phone holder, at least one who can open WhatsApp on it, can open opera and Google  chrome, and then the One who has a computer, it will be easier to learn things.

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