Eight (8) Things that females Hate About Their Bodies But Men Really like Them.

Eight 8 Things that females Hate About Their Bodies But Men Really like Them. 

Are you the type of lady who wonders often some of the things that men love about their women’s bodies? If that’s you, then stay and read to the end.

Women are extremely conscious of their own bodies, however, there is a certain part of their bodies that men really love and here are some of them.

1. Hair

While maintaining long hair can be stressful, men actually love that thick mane of yours. It is very sensuous when you’re teased by a long strand of silky hair and men find long hair most attractive.

2. Your lips

If you have British lips which are almost invisible or you have pinky lips, there is nothing wrong about it. Ask your man what shape of lips he likes and chances he wouldn’t be able to tell you is high because he likes kissing your lips.

3. Thighs

You don’t need to worry about your skinny thighs or fat thighs because he really loves them. Men really find them more attractive especially when it’s seen clearly in those sharp jeans.

4. Feet

Some men find feet irresistible. And by the by cracked heels turn them off totally. They just love to tickle your feet and slowly get you in the mood.

5. Fingers

It doesn’t matter if you have short stubby fingers. Maintain your hands and your nails. Give your man a nice soothing massage and then witness the magic of your stubby little fingers.

6. Ears

Some of us have elephant ears while some have hanging ear lobes. But ears can prove to be very important in s3x. Men like to nibble on things and it is a real turn on if you haven’t already experienced it.

7. Beautiful B66bs

Women are never happy with their b66bs. Either they are too big or too flat or they seem to love going towards the sides making you look fat. It’s no big secret that men are fascinated with breasts. Go for the right kind of clothes and you’re going to be on the right track.

8. Beautiful Bπtts

Men like big bπtts and they can’t lie about it, just that every one of them has a preference. A well-rounded b*tt is extremely attractive to men and they can’t resist it.

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